5th International Congress of the Islamic World Geographers

22 Sunday January 2017  |  فارسی  |   |   | 
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The Congress Main Themes:


1- Political and Military Geography: 

     Globalization and Political Geography of the Countries;

     Islamic Awakening and Arabic Spring;

     Opportunities and Challenges of 20 years Outlook Islamic Republic

     of Iran and Interaction with the Islamic World.

2- Human and Urban Geography:

    Islamic World Metropolises, Architectural Features, Traffic

    and Pollution;

    Urban, Rural Planning and Processes;

    Tourism and Islamic Countries Development.

3- Physical Geography:

    Climate Change and its Role on the Creation of Social, Economic

     and Agricultural Challenges in Islamic Countries;

     Geo Hazards ; Morpho Tectonic, Hydro Geo Morphology

4- Cultural and Technological Geography :

     Geomedia and the Power of Media in Islamic World;

    Religion Roles in the Uniting of Nations;

    Geography of Energy in the Islamic World and Necessity of

    Attention to new Energy Sources;

    Application of Remote Sensing and GIS in Estimation of Land


5- Key Subjects of the Congress:

    Urmia  Lake: Hazards and Solutions.


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